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Circumcision and hydrocele surgery

The circumcision surgery is done to remove the skin, which is likely to cover your penis. It is known as the foreskin. The medical experts will push the foreskin from the penis's heads, and then it will be trimmed off. They will sew down the edges using tiny stitches, which will dissolve in no time. Your doctor might also use any of the techniques to do the same. Several men will be discharged from the hospital the same day of their surgery.

The phimosis can be by birth or due to inflammation in the penis, and it can be caused due to skin ailments that affect the male genitals. The condition is quite common among kids, and the surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia. There might be an injury to the penis glans, which leads to enhanced bleeding and blood clots that form in the penis glans, and there might be some tension at the suture line. It is advisable to consult skilled experts so they can understand the possibilities of the process. 

Hydrocele Surgery:

The hydrocele is a surgery that is likely to repair a hydrocele, and it is often done at an outpatient clinic. Dr. Nitin Shrivastava use anaesthesia so you would be asleep and pain-free while you are under process. If the patient is a child or a baby, then the doctor will make a tiny surgical cut in the fold of their groin and then drains some fluid. The sac holds the liquid, which can be removed easily. 

Primary hydrocele is one of the most common hydroceles in adults, and they are often moderate or small soft sized and filled with painless cavities. Furthermore, secondary hydrocele is mainly acquired after secondary infections, and they are small-sized too. Moreover, the testis can be examined in no time.