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Prevention program for kidney stone and cancer disease

Kidney stones are ideally hard mineral deposits in your kidneys, and they tend to cause excruciating pain when they pass through the urinary tract.

Some of the ways to prevent kidney stones are:

Stay hydrated- One of the best ways to prevent kidney stones is to stay hydrated as much as you can. Your urine output will be low if you fail to drink enough water, as per experts such as Dr. Nitin Srivastava. Low urine output means your urine is likely to be concentrated and not likely to dissolve the urine salts, which leads to stones.

Calcium-rich foods- You need to add some calcium-rich foods to your diet as low calcium diets are likely to enhance your chances of stone risk and your risk of kidney stones. But you need to take calcium supplements with your meal to reduce risk. Some of the calcium-rich foods include Low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, and low-fat yoghurt.

Eat medium sodium- if you eat high salt diets, then there are greater chances for you to get kidney stones, as per experts. But, conversely, when you eat less salt, your urine calcium stays at the level—the lower the urine calcium, the lesser your chance to get a kidney stone.

Eat minimum oxalate-rich foods- often, some kidney stones are made of oxalate and a natural element found in foods that bind with calcium in urine to form kidney stones. The stone-forming can be prevented in no time if you limit the oxalate-rich foods. You should avoid eating foods like:

  • sweet potatoes
  • coffee
  • beets
  • peanuts
  • rhubarb
  • soy products

Above all, you should see a  doctor if the dietary changes lead you nowhere. For example, if you have recurrent stones, then you should see a professional without wasting any time.